DENIM LOVE- Leads To Reinvention

Hello everyone!!!

Time for some wardrobe scanning, guess what?!?! I found this Tired Denim Maxi skirt!!! A piece picked by my dad from the streets of Bangkok!!!


I have worn the skirt as it is a couple of times. But later I got bored with its style. So, I thought of restyling it with a casual twist. I decided to wear it as an off shoulder maxi denim dress. Isn’t it a cool way to reinvent this versatile piece time and time again?  As it would be a perfect combination for all season!!

Playing with the Blue colour story, I paired it with my new Forever 21 denim jacket and my denim sneakers. Wear it as a dress or add the jacket, Wow! It will work both beautifully. It expresses my individual style and can be worn in so many different ways. This combo is just right for days outdoors with family or friends.

With such a gorgeous fit and flare, styling possibilities are endless. Wear it like a maxi denim skirt or maxi denim dress.

A perfect wardrobe basic with minimal effort you can increase your style statement with ease.

This is my first blog post which I would like to dedicate to my dad who now resides in heaven. I hope you like it.

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PS: Thank you soo much Asha Bhaskaran for such amazing clicks. Love you loads!!!

Picture Courtesy: Asha Bhaskeran

Love You



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  1. Wow…such a classy look to timeless denim… Styling at best… Denim reinvention my priority now thankyou style fly… High on denim…

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