Nidhi R. Mehta

Nidhi Mehta

Nidhi R. Mehta is a Certified Image Consultant from Image Consulting Business Institute, affiliated Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA.

She has long been fascinated by the power of image which can transform people and present in a way that would help in personal branding themselves which will positively influence their life.

As an Image Consultant, Nidhi has witnessed how important it is to “Project the Right Image” by setting a person apart from the competitive world and projecting his or her unique selling points. She provides solutions that can immediately be put to use in professional, social & personal life.


Her Beliefs

The key mantra to cater the fast growing Image conscious world could be achieved by the 4 ‘A’s’

  • Appropriate Clothing
  • Appropriate Grooming
  • Appropriate Body Language
  • Appropriate Communication

With the help of these 4 A’s one can redefine themselves to achieve their goals.

Her Career

Ultimately, her ability to empower people to influence the success of their own career and her passion for fashion has led to her launching Diritto Image Consulting. It is here that she uses her Image techniques which will make one look good, feel good, think good and react positively in any given challenging scenarios. At Diritto, the client will leave with valuable skills, techniques and tools which can be put to practical use immediately.

She has successfully conducted customized training programs for students and professionals in education and corporate sector. She has also coached individuals from various backgrounds to present themselves to the best of their ability. Her personalized sessions are suitable for all walks of life.