Nidhi is a excellent trainer. It’s amazing how one on one consulting services with her improves my attitude and helps me being confident.

When I started the one on one consulting services with Nidhi, I was soo shy, don’t mingle with people as I used to hesitate to talk. Nidhi helped me in finding myself. In every session, I used to learn new things which improves my day to day life. We converse alot abt my daily activities and she gives suggestions on it. The whole training helped me alot to understand how importance is to interact with people and being presentable. Nidhi guided me very well that how to dress as per my body shape, life style activities and she discovered my personal style. I really loved the personal shopping session as she helped me to chose dresses which suits my color and body shape with care. I really had a very good experience with her. All our journey were soo enjoyable and exciting. Thanks alot Nidhi, for giving such a wonderful experience.


Thirupura sundari

Thirupura Sundari

I had an insightful​ experience with Nidhi. Shopping had always been a daunting task for me. I didn’t know where to begin or what to look for. Nidhi helped me achieve a great deal of understanding trends and fashion in almost no time and effort for me. Cheers to Nidhi for putting up with my quirks and staying patient with me. She has managed to give me an image makeover in virtually no time and minimal effort. I was amazed at how much more confident and outgoing I’ve become after the sessions. I had always been conventional in my dressing sense and was quite hesitant to try new trends. But the sessions with Nidhi has in sorts enabled me, coached me and given me a new confidence. I look forward to the top up sessions. I wish her the very best in all her future ventures.

Thejas Krish -Student

The sessions with Nidhi was a very big eye opener for me, she did bring in a lot of change in how I should carry myself, clothing, hairdo and the best part is that she managed all these changes within my comfort zone. Of Course it is very nice to realise a much better version of self and still be very comfortable in it. Cheers Nidhi for managing to crack a tough nut like me. Thanks a ton. I am sure every person you handle will have similar stories to share. All the best & God bless  🙂

Megha Ramanujam - Freelance Cinematographer / Filmmaker

I had a great experience with Nidhi. Initially I wasn’t sure about how this was going to work but when she took me through each of the clinics I was able to realize how important it is to pay attention to yourself and choose your wardrobe that best suits you. The sessions were organized well and covered all important aspects in detail.

I use to pick my clothes just based on looks without thinking about my personal style and comfort fabric. After the sessions I’m able to appreciate colour concepts, clothing by shape of my body, comfort clothing and dressing according to the occasion. This was a great transformational experience for me. I really liked the cluster concept as it helped me to optimize my wardrobe while creating a variation in looks and keeping within modest budget. Nidhi talked about various styles and also showed some pictures so that I could relate with the concepts well.

Navya Harikrishna – CFA